What is Reiki

There are five types of Reiki: Western Reiki is also known as Usui Reiki (the most commonly practiced form of Reiki), Jikiden Reiki or Eastern Reiki, Lighterian Reiki, and Sekhem Reiki (Egyptian Reiki). The duration in which these practices or techniques have been carried out varies greatly. Most forms of Reiki including Usui Reiki have been practiced anywhere from 100-2500 years. Jikiden is as close as you can get to the ‘original’ Usui Reiki as Jikiden means ‘passed down’ where the knowledge has been passed directly down from Usui himself. Lighterian Reiki is the newest form of Reiki having only been developed 23 years ago and Sekhem Reiki (Egyptian Reiki) is the oldest form of Reiki as it was developed over 2500 years ago. All but Sekhem Reiki are regarded as Masculine energies; however, Sekhem is feminine energy.

The Usui Reiki (most common – Modern) technique also known as Usui Reiki is a technique which was developed by Dr. Mikao Usui in the mid-1800s; the word Reiki is comprised of two parts, ‘Rei’ which means “Gods Wisdom or Higher Power” and ‘Kei’ which means “Life force energy”, together it means ‘Spiritually guided life force energy. The practice of Reiki involves the practitioner channeling universal energies and transferring this to the patient through the parts of the body which need it, or by channelling the negative energy within the body to remove it. This practice works to rebalance the body’s energies and body systems to promote balance within the body. The universe is the source of all energies and the Reiki Practitioner is responsible for transferring those energies between the universe and patient as needed.

Sekhem Reiki is also known as Seichem Reiki(Ancient Egyptian Reiki) technique carried out using high vibrational feminine energy of Goddess Sekhemt which is gentle, feminine and loving energy. The practice utilizes ancient symbols and the luminous energy field. The energy is used gently, softly and gradually builds in the intensity throughout the session/s. The practice also uses what is referred to as an ‘energy drain’ for those experiencing distressful situations in their life to clear the chakras which assist patients in their journey towards healing themselves and allowing them to be more receptive to positive energies. Vibration levels of Sekhem (Seichem – Ancient Egyptian Reiki) and Usui Reiki are said to be quite different.

Reiki is said to assist with stress reduction, relaxation, assisting with rejuvenation and to increase the body’s own ability to repair itself. When a body has balanced energies, it is more likely to provide calm, happiness, peace, motivation, focus and work more effectively in fighting illnesses. It is a great therapy to experience alongside other medical and holistic options. In fact, various medical establishments (including hospitals) around Australia and other parts of the world utilize Reiki alongside other treatment options. Furthermore, Cancer Research UK reports that some cancer patients felt better after receiving Reiki post Hospital Cancer Treatments and it had helped them to control side-effects (pain, anxiety, sickness) of those treatments.

Reiki is regarded as a safe treatment to use alongside other medical treatments to help promote the body’s healing capabilities and speed. While it is always recommended to inform your medical provider of any treatments or therapies undertaken there are no known negative side-effects to Reiki at this time and there is no evidence to suggest that it diminishes or negatively interacts with any complementary or orthodox medicines/treatments. Some people do report a warmth, tingling sensation, electrical currents, deep relaxation, stomach rumbling, or coolness within and around their bodies during the Reiki treatment, while other people feel nothing at all. These are all normal experiences during Reiki treatments – you may also feel thirsty after your treatment so have a drink of water handy.

Reiki treatment consults can range from 30 minutes up to 2 hours, it is recommended to have at least 3 consults; however, it is important to note that dependant on your individual circumstances and treatment plan (created during your first appointment) the number of sessions needed may be more or less than the recommended amount above. These consults are usually carried out either in person or via distance (online or phone). Many people experience some form of a positive effect from the Reiki session/s within 2 weeks. Positive effects may include a sense of calm, increased clarity and focus, a feeling of improved overall well-being, and possibly an increase in energy levels. It is important to note that Sekhem Reiki (Ancient Egyptian Reiki) provides the best effects when carried out regularly on a continuous basis rather than a set number of sessions which is common for Usui Reiki.

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