What is Neuro-Linguistic Kinesiology?

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

AUTHOR: Lee Reicheneder

Neuro-Linguistic Kinesiology (NLK) is a practice that encompasses the Kinesiology Technique alongside the technique known as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). The NLP technique was developed in 1975 by Bandler and Grinder to assist in connecting the conscious mind with the unconscious mind. The benefit to this is you, and the practitioner can explore patterns in the way you behave, communicate and think to assist with your improvement by dealing with difficulties or emotional blockages at an unconscious level alongside the conscious level.

Kinesiology is a mixture of techniques and wisdom from around the world, particularly through its use of Chinese medicine techniques such as acupressure and meridian systems. This practice was developed in the 1970s by Dr. Goodheart. The practice of Kinesiology focuses on balancing a triangle of 3 key players in overall well-being and these are: structural/physical, nutritional/chemical, and mental/emotional/spiritual. If one side of the triangle has become or becomes out of balance the result usually involves the other sides becoming negatively by potential blockages and imbalance created by the side which is out of balance. The Kinesiology treatments carried out by Kinesiologists are not designed to treat problems; however, Kinesiologists work to access information the body needs to facilitate its own healing. This then enables the body to use its own healing abilities to clear any negative blockages that may be causing imbalances to the triangle sides. Kinesiology encompasses bodywork, acupressure, meridian therapy, nutritional and lifestyle information, colour therapy, stress management, counselling, chakra balancing, and goal setting.

The NLK technique was developed by Wendy Bennet to combine different aspects of the Kinesiology and NLP techniques or practices outlined above for supporting and enhancing techniques rather than replacing them. NLK assists people to become aware of any change they require to improve including developing positive habits and removing negative, self-limiting beliefs or behaviours.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR & ARTICLE DISCLAIMER: Lee is a Canberra Doula who also spent over 5 years working in the childcare field as a childcare educator (including as a Room Leader); she holds relevant children's services qualifications alongside Doula qualifications. In addition, Lee holds a wide range of qualifications and training in fields that include but are not limited to trauma and natural therapies. Lee is a proud Aspie woman and home educating mother of 5 children (4 of these children are earthside and 2 have disabilities). If you have concerns about your child's development, family member's wellbeing or your own wellbeing speak to your Midwife or Doctor - the information within this article should not be viewed as and is not designed as medical advice. Furthermore, a small commission is made on some of the links provided within these blog articles.

If you have a topic you would like us to cover in our blogs just send us through a request. We are happy to follow these up. Note: We no longer offer Neuro-linguist Kinesiology; however, we can refer you onto a Kinesiologist near you. Energy Healing Sessions was previously offered; however, this service has been temporarily suspended- Energy Healing encompasses reiki, sound healing, essential oils, prana and more to improve the flow of the energy within the body. If you are after Energy Healing we would be happy to refer you to a practitioner near you.

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