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Maha Al Musa's Embody Birth 1 Day training for pregnant mothers and birth workers.

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

AUTHOR: Anna Ward

On Sunday the 15th of September 2019, in the Gold Coast I (Anna) was honoured to spend the day with Maha Al Musa. My day began early as I volunteered to set up for the attendees. My initial impression of this Queen was that Maha is as beautiful and heart centred as she is fierce and strong. Both personality types aren’t often combined in the western stereo-type of what a woman is. But that’s the beauty and love that is her cultural imprinting. Maha Al Musa is of Palestinian/Moslem and Lebanese/Christian background and was born in Kuwait. She migrated to Australia in 1964.

Maha has been belly dancing since childhood. She has been facilitating Bellydance for Birth classes in Byron Bay, Australia since 1997. She has been the independent voice for birthing women for over 25 years having spoken on the world stage to the professional birthing community of obstetricians and midwives. Her tireless efforts have had her life’s work honoured by Embody Birth being implemented into the Chinese hospital birthing system.

She is birth bi-lingual speaking the birth language of the heart and the language of birth science. Teaching that woman and baby are the center of the circle, and mother is not a far away concept but already apparent in the present time. The mother is to be respected and supported. She know’s that woman is powerful already and only needs to be reminded and held space for. Empowerment of woman is not her catch phrase for she believes strongly that power is not outside of a birthing mother but already exists within, and no one can or need empower an already powerful being.

Her research into the roots of her culture around birth practices have for the most part been intuitive and channelled by her inner knowing and heart, to a degree. As she has spent most of her life in Australia. Yet holds her heritage in esteem and is sharing her knowing’s with our multicultural Australian mothers and birth workers alike.

From my observations after listening to her talk, her heart's dream is that we see ourselves differently. How do we do this? We rise from the womb and heart connected so our heads can align with humanity’s greatest calling which is to heal through birth. To birth through the fear and not in fear. To birth through the pain and not in pain. Her biggest legacy that will live on through her books, and DVD and teachings is one of the woman being fully in her body.  I quote Maha Al Musa “The poetry of birth is longing to be revealed in Embody Birth”

The belly dancing supports this embodiment as we learnt how to feel into our bodies using slow and sensual movements. Feeling our wombs as we do figure 8’s and other moves our pelvis tilts from side to side and becomes more flexible, soft and open. Opening our mouths softening our faces breathing and allowing sounds to rise from within and out of our open mouths. After the exercises, I felt connected and in love with every woman in that room.

There’s a lot to be said for Embody Birth. I (Anna - Gold Coast Doula) hope I've shed some light onto this life-changing practice. For me I will be taking this practice into my daily life. I will embody me and connect my womb to my heart daily. Through practice I will allow flow, and ease to accompany me through the challenges of my life. Blessings to you, wherever you are on your journey be it maiden, or mother, or maga, and beyond. ~ Anna Xxx

Maha Al Musa – Embody Birth the ancient poetry of births longing to reveal itself.

1 Day Embody Birth class for pregnant woman and birth workers 

To Be Held in Canberra 16th February 2020

Investment $450 Non-Refundable Deposit of $150 to secure your spot with the remaining to be paid by 20th January 2020.

Get in touch with us to book your spot

Spots are limited.

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This article was written by Gold Coast Neuro-linguistic Kinesiologist (Inner Motion Kinesiology)

~ Blessings from Lee your Canberra Doula & Travelling Doula

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