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Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Every person is unique, as is their potential, desires, and goals. To reach our goals we often have to evolve and develop in more ways than we thought possible as often development as an individual is more than learning what is taught to you for progression or carrying out practical tasks. Developing and evolving to reach goals may mean taking a step back to view things in the world different ways then overcoming some possibly hard to digest truths along with assessing your own inner judgement, fear, anger, sadness or other feelings associated with that. However, the more we assess these things in life and our own feelings critically the closer we become to evolving into our highest self, reaching our fullest potential and reaching our goals. In addition, if we work to create positive attitudes, positive mental, physical, and spiritual well-being (note: spirituality does not necessarily mean religion - it can simply mean doing things that nurture your soul and make you feel good) we improve our our overall well-being and increase our paths to success.

It is believed that everything we breathe, eat, drink, do, or even think over the course of our lives has the ability to manifest into illness (physical and mental) and even problematic situations occurring within our lives. In contrast, the air we breathe, food we eat, fluids we drink, and things that we think can also play a positive impact on our health (physical and mental) and create positive and/or improved outcomes in a variety of situations.

So how can we ensure that these things are positively impacting our lives rather than negatively impacting our lives? To do this we must take responsibility for ourselves, accepting our role in certain outcomes (not all negative situations should involve acceptance of their role), and finding the road to healing. This is not an easy thing to do; particularly if you are someone who has experienced a serious illness or a traumatic event. It is however incredibly important to do as it can help prevent the impact of any previous situation on your future journeys. Furthermore, your responsibility for yourself and your journey often helps you create more confidence in your ability to reach your goals and happiness rather than simply relying on trust in others to help create your experience (not the doctor, not the midwife, not others - YOU HOLD THE KEY AND THE POWER ).

The first thing to do when manifesting is to look at your thoughts and feelings. Are you feeling negative or are your thoughts surrounded by negativity? Taking this look into your feelings is incredibly important as negative feelings and negative thoughts often have the potential of bringing forward the opposite of what you want. For this reason it is important to carry out activities which clear your mind and encourage positive thinking. In addition to changing your thought patterns and calming your mind, manifestation also requires actual 'action' on your part. For example you want a homebirth but there is no Midwife in your region able to assist you, how are you going to conquer this hurdle to achieve your goal? You may need to take action to FIND someone (such as a Midwife) outside of your region that is willing to travel to your region, or one that might be able to meet you half way requiring you to travel, or look into other options altogether that will help you achieve your goal. Visualising your goal (in the above example this goal is a homebirth) can often allow you to feel more positive and motivated to take whatever actions you may need to take to help manifest those goals into your life.

Initially you will need to consider what you really want, connect with what your intentions surrounding those goals are, believe that you are worthy of the goal, be comfortable with carry out actions to ensure you reach your goal. Things or people will almost always stand in the way of your goals - this is a fact of life and almost inevitable. However, things or people standing in your way should not deter you from reaching your goal; in fact, things or people standing in the way is often a crucial part of the manifestation process. On the odd occasion you may need to take a deep look at your goals to ensure that they are in fact what you desire deep down and whether you are ready or able to do what needs to be done to reach those goals. If you find that the goals that you have been attempting to manifest don't truly match your hearts desire and/or you are not ready and able to carry out all actions required to reach your goal you may need to reassess your goals. However, for many achievable goals that align with your hearts desires the biggest blocks for manifestation are: your own negative beliefs or negative mindset, toxic people in your life (anyone who doesn't support your goal, is negative, fearful, passes judgement or criticism, tries to push their own ideals/beliefs onto you, or doesn't support you), and lastly is the most neglected factor when it comes to manifestations is timing.

So now what do you do with this?

1- Try some meditation, drawing/crafting or colouring, connecting with nature and other stress relieve strategies to improve your mindset. If you are stressed and/or in a negative mindset you will have greater difficulty manifesting goals.

2 - Do positive mindset creation activities such as regularly visualising your goals, creating positive affirmations, create a vision board for you to look at daily, meditation, relaxation, listening to tracks that give you a sense of calmness and confidence, along with reading positive stories that ideally relate to your goals

3 - Set boundaries and reduce exposure to or remove toxic, negative, fear filled people and things from your life. It is always ideal to remove toxic, negative, fear filled people or things where possible for best results.

4 - Have patience, sometimes manifesting goals can take time and they won't happen straight away (for example in the case of the homebirth a medical issue may arise, or the midwife cannot attend and unassisted birth without a midwife may not have been desired by the person manifesting their goals making it unlikely for them to achieve the homebirth; however, the homebirth may still occur for a future birth).

5 - Be confident in taking actions you need to take to achieve your goals

6 - Visualise, Visualise, Visualise - I cannot stress this enough, if you find it hard to picture your goals it becomes harder to reach them. When you think about your goals visualising them try to include as much detail as possible focus on achieving your goal but don't try to put too much thought into how you will achieve the goal during the visualisations just focus on achieving the goal. Make this experience as real as you can in your head ensuring you take the time to sit down and do this on a regular basis to solidify this manifestation.

7 - Write down what you want and place it in a special place to remind yourself of your goal or place it under a clear quartz. Writing things down can help solidify things with the universe setting intentions clearly.

8 - Listen to your intuition if it tells you to do something or to not do something trust it.

9 - Double check you are following point one and letting go of all negative feelings you may have such as stress, worry, anxiety, anger, sadness, doubt - the longer you hold onto these feelings the longer it will take to manifest your goals and these feeling may hinder your manifestation entirely. Work on your emotional self. It is also important to try to discover what your own weaknesses may be and address those.

10 - Don't I repeat DON'T give your power away to other people that includes the power to choices & actions.

Share positiveness and appreciation when you notice things are positively working towards your goals or when you achieve your goals. This helps to reduce future self limiting beliefs or negativity and allows positive energy to flow through you, through others you are around, and into the universe. Writing a note/letter/story about it, creating a piece of art and displaying it, sharing recounts of positive experiences with others, along with creating a reflective or gratitude journal can all help with positiveness and appreciation.


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ARTICLE DISCLAIMER: Lee is a Canberra Doula who also spent over 5 years working in the childcare field as a childcare educator (including as a Room Leader); she holds relevant children's services qualifications alongside Doula qualifications. In addition, Lee holds a wide range of qualifications and training in fields that include but are not limited to trauma and natural therapies. Lee is a proud Aspie woman and mother of 5 children (2 with disabilities). If you have concerns about your child's development, family member's wellbeing or your own wellbeing speak to your Midwife or Doctor - the information within this article should not be viewed as and is not designed as medical advice. Furthermore, a small commission is made on some of the links provided within these blog articles.

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