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Crystals can be a very nice way to complement any pregnancy; regardless of the pathway you are taking on your journey - plus they look and feel great. This article hopes to cover some of the different crystals which can be used during pregnancy, some ways to use them (there are many ways to use crystals), and what the properties are of each crystal. It will not specifically cover crystals that can be used during birth or postpartum - that information will be provided in another blog post. For now,  we will simply cover some of the best crystals to use during pregnancy and some ways to use them.  It is important to remember that not all crystals will be suited to every person, and most importantly not all crystals sold are genuine - sadly many are fake coloured glass or plastic. For this reason, it is really important to seek your crystals from genuine crystal suppliers either online or in-person; make sure you do your research, ask questions and check for authenticity. 

Another thing to remember is to choose crystals based on what resonates with your situation the most (if you can hold the crystal first that is even better - as often you will be able to sense intuitively which crystal you need by holding crystals).

Crystals to consider for use during pregnancy

***DISCLAIMER: This is not medical advice nor should it be viewed as medical advice. It is information based on anecdotal information available surrounding crystal use. If there is a medical health issue or concern you should always seek medical assistance, guidance, and support. Crystals are great to have around for those who enjoy them and wish to use them in conjunction with anything else they are using or needing to use during their pregnancy not as a replacement.  There are no contradictions for use of crystals alongside any conventional therapies, medications, or treatments so can usually be used safely as additional support NOT as a replacement. 


Moonstone crystal supports the reproductive system, hormones, and assists with fluid retention. It is believed to be able to improve sleep patterns if sleep difficulties are a result of something you have eaten. 

Rose Quartz


This crystal has nurturing energy and supports fertility, conception, pregnancy, and birth. It is useful if you are feeling stressed and in need of emotional healing. In addition, it is believed to help the user remember to care for themselves and supports the connection and bond between parents and baby. This is a really good one to use in a bath - especially if you have had a bad day or you just need to connect with yourself and/or baby. Is believed to be able to reduce restlessness and insomnia caused by tension or worry. It is useful in releasing old wounds, pain, mistrust or loss which is incredibly useful if you have experienced previous trauma. 

Lapis Lazuli

This crystal is believed to rapidly help reduce any physical or emotional stress during pregnancy. It is particularly useful for those who struggle with feeling restless or anxious. In addition, it is believed to help the user energize their mind and is connected to the brow chakra. This crystal is believed to enhance intuition and self-truth, bringing the user peace, harmony and inner self-knowledge.


This stone is a protective stone which is believed to be useful in relieving headaches, insomnia, and fatigue. Some believe that it may even support a healthy pregnancy and reduce the chance of pregnancy loss. It is also believed to promote within the user calming energy, reminding you of your inner guidance and inner courage - encouraging the user to stand their ground and express their feelings truthfully. Aquamarine is believed to be able to stimulate the bodys own healing system and is connected with the throat chakra.


This crystal is one which emits powerful protective energy, particularly against negative energies or psychic attack. It is believed to create a feeling of safety and also safeguard the user from any potential accidents and/or misfortune resulting from psychic attack or negative energies. As a crown chakra crystal it is believed to provide the user with insights into motherhood, connection with baby,quieten down the mind and balance moods. Is believed to be able to reduce restlessness and insomnia caused by tension or worry. This crystal is believed to be incredibly powerful when it comes to setting intentions and manifesting goals - particularly through meditation.

Red Jasper

This crystal is believed to assist with the growth of a strong baby. In addition, it is believed to reduce any pain, allergies, and possible nutritional deficiencies of the user; it is also said to provide the user with protection, vitality and inner strength. Contact with the skin is important with this crystal.


This crystal is believed to be helpful for those who experience a lot of nausea during pregnancy and also calms and balances emotions. In addition, it is believed to assist when the user is experiencing issues that involve the throat or lungs and is connected to the heart chakra.


This crystal is believed to be useful in alleviating nausea and stabilizing emotions. This crystal helps support the expression of emotions and is connected with the heart chakra


This crystal is believed to be useful for those who struggle with recurrent miscarriage. It is believed that this crystal is helpful in regulating blood flow, supporting the prevention of postpartum hemorrhage, as well as strengthening stamina and a sense of calm in the user.


This crystal is believed to be useful for those who struggle with leg cramps and/or fatigue during pregnancy. It is believed to be a very grounding crystal but should not be used all of the time - only when needed.


This crystal is useful for those who are having difficulty transitioning emotionally into parenthood - or the idea of parenthood - it is believed to help with this transition and provide a sense of calm for the user. It is also good for those who have fears surrounding pregnancy or childbirth.

Moss Agate

This crystal is great for those who may carry fears (however small) related to the pregnancy or childbirth. It is believed to help the user to release those fears and promote a sense of calm and peace. Is believed to be able to reduce fear, negative energies, bad dreams, and create grounding for the user. In addition, it is believed that this crystal can help support the body through difficulties that involve the lungs, and where the user feels they are being emotionally stifled.  It's connected with the heart chakra balancing the internal world with the external one.


Once you have selected your crystal or crystals you may find it useful to program it after cleansing it. Cleansing is important as crystals are believed to absorb negative energies from the thoughts or feelings of any person that has touched the crystal. Unfortunately, we do not know what mindset someone was in when the crystal was found, how many people have touched the crystal (or the mindset when they did this) prior to reaching us, or what it may have been used for prior to purchase if it was second hand. Cleansing a crystal helps to ensure that the crystal is in alignment with its higher purpose, no potential negative energies linger, and that there are no residual energies (not necessarily negative) that may weaken the properties of the crystal. In addition to cleansing a crystal or crystals on receipt of them it is good to consider cleansing your crystals if using them on someone else or for another purpose in which you did not set intent/program the crystal for, if you have been wearing them or carrying them through the day (as they can often absorb all energies not just your own), if someone else touches your crystal, before and after using them in a crystal grid or for chakra balancing, and simply if you feel your crystal needs cleansing. Cleansing all of the time is unnecessary.

How to cleanse a crystal

Place your crystal/s on a window sil which faces the moonlight during a full moon. Leave for a minimum of 4 hours this will help cleanse the crystal and it will be ready by morning. Make sure you get your crystal inside before the sun hits it; some crystals are easily damaged by sunlight. If there is no full moon other cleansing options are: place it in a bowl of herbs, dirt, or pot pouri for a few days, using reiki or another energy therapy method (if you are skilled in this), using a smudge stick or incense passing the crystal through the smoke, holding a tibetan singing bowl above the crystal/s and striking the side of the bowl to emit a noise rubbing the stick on the rim of the bowl in a clockwise direction, placing the crystal/s on some clear quartz crystals (clear quartz is a power crystal - it cleanses and charges other crystals), or using metal cymbals known as tingshas.

How to program a crystal.

Step 1 - Find a quiet place where you feel you are unlikely to be disturbed and feel at peace in/at. Then try to relax taking a deep breath in and breathing out.

Step 2 - Place your crystal into your hands and hold it just above your eye

Step 3 - Focus on your crystal and state what you want the crystal to assist you with - this can either be done in your head (by thinking of this request or purpose) or by verbally saying what you want.

Simply repeat this process with each crystal you have for the purpose you got the crystal (want the crystal for) - the all done simple your intentions are set. It is believed that by doing this you are increasing you chances of success with the crystal for the purpose you intended to use it for. If you picked up and chose a crystal intuitively there is generally no need to program it as the exact energy you are seeking is ready with intent already existant.


Programming of crystals is not essential, you can work with a crystal and reap benefits without programming crystals; however, when you are able to set your intentions for the crystal (programming) it can often improve its effectiveness for the purpose you have intended for it. In addition, it helps you connect on a conscious level with the stone and improves your own manifesting of your goals or desires. By programing a crystal you are simply setting your intentions for it and giving it a clear purpose for the use, along with what we want from that crystal. Remembering that your programing (intent) must still align with the properties of the crystal.  However, again this is not necessary (it is great if you can program a crystal - but it is not essential to program a crystal and if you are in a negative mindset or have negative feelings this may impact negatively on the crystal and the way it works for you - so if you feel uncomfortable it is generally better not to program it) and crystals can still work without programming. When using crystals for a purpose without programing this is known as passive crystal use. 

Ways you can use your crystals

There are a number of ways you can utilize your crystals of choice during your pregnancy and similar to the crystals it is a good idea to use the ideas that resonate with you the most.

1 - Carry the crystals you feel you need most in your pocket, in your hand, or in a small pouch/bag to the places you feel you will need the support the most. This may be to a doctor's appointment, to a class, to visit a person who may not be that supportive of your goals, or if you are just feeling not well either physically or emotionally. 

2 - Creating some jewelry out of your crystal/s and wearing it whenever you feel you need it.

3 - Creating full moon crystal water by placing a bottle (with lid - glass bottle is best) of purified water onto a window sill during a full moon, ensuring that you have placed the crystal or crystals of your choice around the water bottle. The crystals you use should align with the issues you are facing. It is important to focus on what you want the full moon water (moon, water, and crystals)  to help you with when you set this up - this should not be done if you are in a negative mindset. Only do this if you are able to keep a positive mindset and focus during preparation. In the morning your crystal water will be ready for drinking through the day as desired or needed.


4 - Create a pregnancy and/or birth space using things that make you feel safe, happy, connected with your baby, and in control of your journey. Finding a nice shelf, box, bench, or table that you can decorate is the first step. Next find a nice cloth or piece of material that you love - place on that space and on the walls around that space pictures you may have drawn during the pregnancy, birth affirmations, ultrasound pictures you have, your birth plan, special things you may have collected during the pregnancy, and your crystals. You can go to your special space whenever you need to or want to during your pregnancy and birth. 

5 - Meditating with a crystal - it is best to use either clear quartz, rose quartz or amethyst for this. Simply gaze into your crystal, focusing on it until your mind begins to quieten down. Sit quietly with your quartz crystal focusing on it and looking closely at it before shutting your eyes. Pay attention to the things that pop up in your mind or feelings during this time. What kind of thoughts are they? Are they calm, happy, angry or do you have too many thoughts? Become aware of any sensations you may experience. When you are ready you can finish. Making a physical note (on paper) of your feelings during this time may help you decipher the reasons behind them.

6 - Crystal griding - this can be done on and as a feature on your birth space, or by using crystals around your home, or even on your body. (I will create a video on this later).

7 - Placing amethyst, rose quartz, or moss agate near you when you go to bed can assist with sleep. Ensure you have aligned the properties of the crystals with your needs or reasons for the sleep issues


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