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Crystals can be a very nice way to complement many birth experiences; regardless of the pathway you are taking on your journey - plus they look and feel great. This article hopes to cover some of the different crystals which can be used during childbirth and their properties. It will not specifically cover crystals that can be used during pregnancy or postpartum - that information will be in another blog article. For now,  we will simply cover some of the best crystals to use during childbirth.  It is important to remember that not all crystals will be suited to every person, and most importantly not all crystals sold are genuine - sadly many are fake colored glass or plastic. For this reason, it is really important to seek your crystals from genuine crystal suppliers either online or in-person; make sure you do your research, ask questions and check for authenticity. 

Another thing to remember is to choose crystals based on what resonates with your situation the most (if you can hold the crystal first that is even better - as often you will be able to sense intuitively which crystal you need by holding crystals). You will usually have the best results if you have intuitively chosen your crystal.

Crystals to consider for use during childbirth

***DISCLAIMER: This is not medical advice nor should it be viewed as medical advice. It is information based on anecdotal information available surrounding crystal use. If there is a medical health issue or concern you should always seek medical assistance, guidance, and support. Crystals are great to have around for those who enjoy them and wish to use them in conjunction with anything else they are using or needing to use during their pregnancy and birth not as a replacement.  There are no contradictions for use of crystals alongside conventional therapies, medications, or treatments so can usually be used safely as additional support NOT as a replacement. 



Amethyst aids in calming the mind and emotions, alleviating various physical and psychological imbalances.  It dispels anger, fear, and anxiety while easing pain, headaches and relieving tension. It's thought to promote fertility, protect pregnancy and support a straightforward birth. Amethyst is a protective stone with healing energy that can transmute lower vibrations to higher frequencies, transforming negative energies that may surround you into loving energy.  In addition, it is believed to be an incredibly powerful spiritual stone that assists in connecting the user to spiritual guidance by enhancing the higher state of consciousness in the user if they desire this and also connecting the user with their own inner guidance.


This stone is a powerful and protective stone. It is believed to assist with improving physical or emotional strength, improving stamina, and can be beneficial at times of stress or strain (physical or emotional). It is believed to absorb the negative emotions of those around the user which reduces the impact of others' emotions on yourself (the user). In addition, it is believed to be incredibly beneficial and grounding for those who have experienced previous trauma. This stone is believed to ease the overall birth experience and process. Furthermore, it is believed that alongside other medications or treatment (NOT on its own) that is carried out the user's medical care provider this crystal can support the regulation and improvement of blood on its own or with the crystal Jade with those who have concerns over blood-related conditions/difficulties


This crystal  is believed to be able to relieve stress fear and tension during childbirth which in turn may reduce pain and make for a smooth birth. Moonstone is the Divine Feminine or Divine Goddess stone; it works with the moon and cycles where it supports the preparation of the womb for conception, along with ease and safety of pregnancy, childbirth and even breastfeeding. In fact, the stone is even believed to help promote lactation. It helps balance hormones, emotions and connecting you to the goddess within yourself making it a great stone for connecting with yourself, your baby, and reminding you to trust your intuition. 


This stone is believed to help the user connect with the energy of the divine while reducing fear , mental tension, and pains which may be associated with labor. It is believed to support and ease the birth process.


Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love and opens the heart of the user to receive unconditional love. This crystal possesses a loving, nurturing and calming energy. It’s excellent to wear during childbirth or put in a bath with you to help you feel nurtured and connected. Its loving nurturing energy is powerful in times of stress and healing for mother and baby. In addition, it supports calm and peace for parents and baby, facilitates bonding with baby and is even believed to help with reducing pain, increasing loving energy around you, and helping you to connect with spiritual or divine guidance should you choose to or should you need to seek this out. This stone helps to increase your optimism, self-esteem, helps you to release any stress and attract good luck


This crystal is believed to be a calming stone that helps to facilitate the birth process and promote the good health of mother and baby during childbirth. In addition, it is believed to supports healthy blood pressure in the user. It is a crystal commonly used or recommended by professionals for clients who want to use crystals.



Moss Agate has deep energy which helps the user to connect with the energies of mother earth. It is believed to be able to support the user to release fears or blockages that might impact on your birth experience. In addition, it is also believed to increases hope, optimism, improve self-esteem and self-confidence.  During birth, it may help support in the reduction of pain, improved birth safety, ease the birth process, promotes a feeling of peace and stability in the body (physical and emotional) and even support any birth professionals attending your birth.



When held by the user (you) the bloodstone crystal is believed to ease the pain they may be experiencing, regulate blood flow, assist in the prevention of hemorrhage and even promote healing during or after the birth. In addition, it is believed to strengthen self-confidence, increase stamina, energy, and strength (revitalizing the body both emotionally and physically), while supporting the release of emotional blockages. It opens the user up to inner guidance, trust in oneself, and reduces the impact of negative emotions or energies of others. 



This stone is believed to increase the users courage, willpower, self-esteem, energy and motivation; it may also assist pregnant or birthing beings to release any fear they may be holding about their birth. Furthermore; it provides the much-needed grounding often benefited from during birth while protecting against negative emotions others ultimately reducing the impact of those on your (the users) emotions. The energy, motivation, will power, courage, and protection against negative energies emitted by other people can support any birth.



This crystal is believed to enhance the user's intuition and connect them to their inner truth. It reduces stress (physical and emotional) connected with pregnancy and birth. In addition, it is believed to create feelings of peace, calm, inner self-knowing, and may be helpful for those who experience back labor or posterior babies. It has been used throughout history (particularly during the 17th century) to assist those having a difficult birth. 




This crystal is great for those who have experienced previous trauma and/or need to clear any negative emotions that may be impacting on their birth experience. It is believed to help stimulate contractions, ease labor pains and facilitate a safe gentle birth. In addition, it is believed to help balance emotions, and support the user in manifesting their goals or working towards their intentions. However, as it is such a powerful cleanser it is important to cleanse it from any negative or unwanted energies on a regular basis. It is also important to note that malachite can be toxic in some forms or if used in certain ways. So for safety only use tumbled or polished stones, DON'T place in or around water or moisture, and DON'T attempt to drill or carve the stone.


This crystal is believed to increase harmony and protection for babies and children. In the adult user it is said to create feelings of warmth, comfort, ease birth pains and support the production of breastmilk. This stone is believed to ease the overall birth experience and process for both the mother and baby. Furthermore, it is believed that alongside other medications or treatment (NOT on its own) carried out the user's medical care provider this crystal may also support the regulation and improvement of blood on its own or with the crystals Black Onyx  and Bloodstone in users who have concerns over blood-related conditions/difficulties


This stone is believed to facilitate the natural birthing process and the body's innate ability to know how to birth. It is believed to maximize contractions, support the opening of the cervix, baby's safe passage through the birth canal into the world and provide the user with feelings of peace, love, warmth, and comfort.


This stone promotes a sense of calm and is also incredibly beneficial through the transition period of labor where emotions can cause the most havoc on your transition. It is believed to help promote a calm, confident, and balanced transition into motherhood along with transition through stages of labor. 


This stone is a power stone of sorts; it can help to promote harmony, stabilize and balance emotions, and remove negative energies around you (particularly those energies emitted by other people) so that you don't have to take on board their negativity. As if this isn't enough, it also is a cleansing and power stone for other crystals which means that clear quartz can be used to clear unwanted or negative energies from other stones and increase the powerful benefits of other stones you are using if you have clear quartz with those stones.


Once you have selected your crystal or crystals you may find it useful to program it after cleansing it. Cleansing is important as crystals are believed to absorb negative energies from the thoughts or feelings of any person that has touched the crystal. Unfortunately, we do not know what mindset someone was in when the crystal was found, how many people have touched the crystal (or the mindset when they did this) prior to reaching us, or what it may have been used for prior to purchase if it was second hand. Cleansing a crystal helps to ensure that the crystal is in alignment with its higher purpose, no potential negative energies linger, and that there are no residual energies (not necessarily negative) that may weaken the properties of the crystal. In addition to cleansing a crystal or crystals on receipt of them it is good to consider cleansing your crystals if using them on someone else or for another purpose in which you did not set intent/program the crystal for, if you have been wearing them or carrying them through the day (as they can often absorb all energies not just your own), if someone else touches your crystal, before and after using them in a crystal grid or for chakra balancing, and simply if you feel your crystal needs cleansing. Cleansing all of the time is unnecessary. Information about how to cleanse and program crystals along with some ways to use them can be found in the article Using Crystals During Pregnancy.


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